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me in pe: somebody has to finish last
me in math: somebody has to do the worst
me talking about love: somebody has to be single
me in life: somebody has to be the worst at everything

I’m so sad, i just wanna die.

Me too..
Everytime i try to succeed in life,i always end up with the same shit (such as getting bullied,shut out or abused) or worse…..which makes me a failure according to some people :(

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The one year I actually thought we were going to be as a family and celebrate Easter again turns out to be the worst Easter I have probably ever had. Mad fucking family, you’re all cunts.

Important PSA            


Two girls that live in Australia, Marlissa Thaidy and Alisha Marie Barnett, have spread a viral video using Snapchat where they disgustingly abuse a poor, defenceless pitbull (blowing marijuana smoke in its face, smacking it around and pulling on its ears) and swear at it, calling it a ‘cunt’….

Those two girls are nothing but worthless pathetic scrags who dont care about what they have done even though they “apologised” (which dosent seem remorseful) and they dont deserve to have any animals at all.The justice system in australia are downright weak as piss by letting these things get away with abusing the poor innocent pitbull dog.Honestly i have lost so much faith in humanity smh

the majority of creepers that i get either wont get the hint that i want them gone,or they dont take rejection well and get all offended.

(They go from”oh hunny please I’m desperate,lets have sex now” to “you Fucking bitch”.I guess the guys that hit on me have the same personalities )